Micro Stakes Poker Help File Series Part 4 – When to Double Barrel

The byword Bifold Agile in poker refers to if a amateur raises pre-flop, afresh assiduity bets on the bomb and afresh he continues to bet afresh on the about-face (also alleged a about-face assiduity bet). Games accept afflicted so abundant in the accomplished 5 years that in the aboriginal days, if some one bifold barrelled on the turn, you could agreement that they had a top brace top article duke or better. However these canicule as players are acceptable bigger on average, it is now harder to put assertive players on ranges if they bifold butt a top abundance of the time.

So if is the best time to bifold butt at the micro stakes?

To accept absolutely we aboriginal charge to explain the two affidavit why you bet in accepted in poker

1. For amount – To get a being with the added best duke to alarm you

2. As a Barefaced – to get a being with a bigger duke than castigation to fold

So it is accessible that we will consistently bifold butt if we anticipate we accept the best duke as we wish to body a pot with a amateur who has an inferior hand. However if do we bifold butt if we accept not affiliated with the flop, accept fabricated a assiduity bet and got alleged and are now abiding that currently our opponents easily backbone is bigger than ours? The acknowledgment a lot of the times is amateur abased but actuality are the accepted rules about bifold barrelling.

1. Bifold butt if you aces up some added disinterestedness on the about-face (also alleged a semi – bluff). E.g. You aces up a aback aperture even draw or accessible concluded beeline draw on the turn. You still don’t accept the best duke but by acrimonious up 9 added outs on the about-face you accept added to adventitious of acceptable the duke by about 25%, this and the bend disinterestedness acquired by assuming backbone with the bifold butt will bend out all your opponent’s anemic pairs and easily he brand to float,then abduct with if you commonly accord up.

2. Bifold butt if the about-face agenda increases your bend equity. E.g. You accession with 97ss on the Button, the Big Dark calls and the bomb is K63 rainbow. You accomplish a 50% pot assiduity bet and are called. This is a actual dry lath and you accept apparent this amateur alone alarm with abstract easily from the blinds such as abridged pairs and ill-fitted connectors. The about-face agenda brings a Q (or any added account agenda would suffice). This is a abhorrent agenda for the big dark because if he had alleged with a abridged brace up to even JJ, he is traveling to abhorrence this card, so you now accept added bend disinterestedness as he can now alone alarm this bifold butt with top brace or bigger which is a tiny allotment of his all-embracing pre – bomb calling range.

So the aloft is the basal action to advice access your about-face assiduity action frequency, the added you access your frequency, the added advancing you become and the harder it is for your opponents to put you on a attenuated duke range. If you do hit your aback aperture flushes and draws, you will get paid off by your opponents and if you in fact accept a duke your opponents will pay you off as able-bodied as you accept now counterbalanced your bifold agile range.